Steffes | Steffes Ethernet EcoPort UCM

The Steffes Universal Communications Module (UCM) connects to consumer smart home assets like water heaters, heat pumps, and electric thermal storage heaters. The UCM connects EcoPort Smart Grid Devices (SGDs) to a powerful device management head end with best-in-class cybersecurity. Steffes UCMs enable rapid deployment of load-up and load-down programs to maximize customer participation in the latest Time-of-Use, DR+, and price-based load control strategies.

Company Name: Steffes
Brand Name of Product: Steffes Ethernet EcoPort UCM
Product Model Name: Steffes Ethernet EcoPort UCM
Product Website: Click here to view
Product Type: Module - UCM
AC or DC: AC
Certification Type: CTA-2045-B Level 2
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