SkyCentrics | P2DFMLTEM2045AC

SkyCentrics’ AC form factor Cellular CTA-2045 EcoPort UCM is an industry leading long-range low-cost LTE-M cellular UCM with advanced cybersecurity. The Cellular UCM has local storage for buffering of data during power outages and for future and repeating schedules.

SkyCentrics’ cloud services provide access through our DR event scheduling web portal (DREAM), our REST API and our certified OpenADR 2.0b VEN. Existing integrations include OADR VTN’s from OATI, Itron, Auto-Grid, Honeywell, and Smarter Grid Solutions; CEC’s MIDAS, and WattTime GHG. Additional integrations will be added in the future.

SkyCentrics provides a variety of services for easy customer sign-on, customer management, and fleet management and optimization so that utilities and aggregators can get the most benefit while customers can easily save money and time.

The UCM comes pre-provisioned. Simply install the UCM as per the appliance manufacturers instructions. The UCM will automatically connect and is ready to communicate to the grid.

Company Name: SkyCentrics
Brand Name of Product: P2DFMLTEM2045AC
Product Model Name: US08Ba
Product Website: Click here to view
Product Type: Module - UCM
AC or DC: AC
Product Class: Cellular
Business Type: Residential and Commercial
Certification Type: CTA-2045-B Level 2
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