e-Radio USA Inc. | P2DFMLTEM2045AC

e-Radio’s AC form factor UCM offers privacy-preserving and zero-congestion FM radio broadcast technology to receive real-time low-latency advisory information combined with long-range low-cost LTE-M cellular and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for two-way connectivity as needed. The hybrid network system can minimize LTE data usage and the FM radio also can also provide automatic two-factor authentication of the LTE path for the industry-leading cybersecurity. The UCM has power-outage-safe local storage for future and repeating schedules and implements local intelligence to respond to FM signals or local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks with minimal or no cloud access. e-Radio’s cloud services provide a convenient DR event scheduling web portal or API access for third party integration and there are existing integrations to Virtual Peaker, CEC’s MIDAS, WattTime GHG and TeMix RATES for transactive energy. OpenADR 2.0b support is planned.

Company Name: e-Radio USA Inc.
Brand Name of Product: P2DFMLTEM2045AC
Product Model Name: P2DFMLTEM2045AC
Product Website: Click here to view
Product Type: other
AC or DC: AC
Business Type: Residential
Certification Type: CTA-2045-B Level 2
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